Right To Die Research Paper

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The Right to Die Forum
Lisha M. Woods
Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
Ms. Mary Roop
English 1101

The “right to die” movement is and has been a very touchy subject ever since it has become relevant in our society and the subject has become popular over the past few years. This paper engages on different aspects of the movement and researches what has, and is going in the United States with this movement. This paper covers the meaning of “right to die” and different terms used in association with it. It also goes over the different ways it can be administered. It also covers a couple of people who were responsible for bringing it about. This paper also covers the history of the “right to die” movement and a breakdown of the
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With the majority of the diseases that kill suddenly and prematurely being wiped out with vaccinations transplants and medications, people are living longer lives and are susceptible to prolonged terminal diseases and illnesses. Not to mention the variety of age groups being diagnosed with terminal cancers and there are also people who have sustained injuries and are now living in a vegetable state, a lot of their families do not wish for them to continue to live in this way.
They are seeking other ways to end their life rather than allowing themselves to die in such an undignified way. These people are also looking for other ways to lessen the burden on their families. They would rather end their life while they are in somewhat in their normal state and not to mention saving their family members the pain of seeing their loved one dying in unimaginable pain. The most important reason physician-assisted suicide should be legal is that it gives the terminally ill patients the power of choice (Asbury,
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There are acts in place in five different states and the trail blazing has already been done. People who are seeking end of life options now have something more to look forward to. The “right to die” forum definitely has a place in the future.


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