Richard M. Nixon Detente Analysis

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Kobe Dawson
Period 3
Defining the Period Project 2
Describe Richard M. Nixon's leadership in the normalization of relations with China and the policy of détente?
To keep relations with China, during which many of the people in the United States knew China was a communist country, Nixon sought to speak with the national leader of the country to have good relations. In order to reach his goal, he sent Secretary of State Kissinger to China. “Kissinger flew secretly to China” (Forner 1028). This was essential for “Nixon’s own astonishing public visit of February 1972” (Forner 1028). This made Nixon and the United States look good and thus brought a stronger connection. He did this in order to begin what would be known as a detente. Detente meaning
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The United States was a great supporter of Israel which was one of the more powerful countries in the Middle East. The United States had great support for the people struggling in Israel. An example of a treaty being broken in that region was “The Camp David Accords” (Forner 1039). This was a treaty between Egypt and Israel that was destroyed by president Carter. It was at the “presidential retreat at Camp David and brokered a historic peace agreement” (Forner 1039). This was an event that took place in the Middle East but wasn't the last issue. Another was the Iran-Contra Affair, this was when the United States had “banned military to the Contras” (Forner 1056). In order to get violence started, “Reagan secretly authorized the sale of arms to Iran” (Forner 1056). While it helped Iran, this event was the most unforgiving action by Regan and was looked down by many Americans and other national leaders across the globe. Another major event in was the Iran hostage crisis, this was when a number of Americans were held hostage in Iran until a new president came into office and if so the Iranians would release the hostages making the former president look like a bad man and the cause of many problems. To help the government of Lebanon in their civil war, “President Reagan dispatched marines as a peacekeeping force” (Forner 1056). This was seen as an act of aggression that some Middle Easterns saw as a

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