Nixon Dbq Analysis

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` The United States was on the verge of destruction starting from 1968 when Richard Nixon became president till 1974 when he resigned. American antiwar protests and economic decline were the least of the miseries; the Vietnam War and its threat of worldwide communism terrified Americans, people looked to their president and his administration to solve all of the looming dilemmas. The previous presidents left Nixon with a jumble of international problems. Starting with Truman, Americans were invested into the fight against communism, defending South Vietnam from their Northern communist counterparts, going into the Cold War to beat the USSR and refusing the acknowledge The People’s Republic of China as modern day China, through Nixon communism …show more content…
During Nixon’s Second Inaugural Address he focuses on the new found peace in America. He asks the people how this peace shall be used to benefit our country (Document F). Nixon proposed a Détente to PRC and received an invitation to Peking. There Nixon and his administration talked with the Chinese communists and Recognized PRC as China; Nixon revitalized America’s friendship with the Chinese. This was a smart move on Nixon’s part, by recognizing PRC as China the United States had another place to trade goods and possibly another future ally. The Chinese communists and Nixon’s administration bridged the two cultures by the Ping Pong Diplomacy, the diplomacy showed Americans that the Chinese had interests similar to them and that maybe all communist weren 't evil. The USSR saw America’s closeness with China and not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, invited Nixon to Moscow where the SALT agreement was written and later signed. Talking and meeting with the communist nations was a good idea on Nixon’s part, not only was culture, technology and goods exchanged through the countries, but America had new trading partners and the Détente proposed to the USSR was the first step to the fall of

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