Richard Branson Leadership Essay

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Richard Branson
Richard Branson was born in England in 1950. Since a little kid, he was encouraged to be independent accomplishing challenges set by his mother at short age. Branson “saw this as opportunities to overcome weaknesses and conquer a small part of the world”. He was not a good student, for he was struggling at school due to dyslexia, and ended up dropping from school at age of 16. It was the beginning of an entrepreneurial career. At that time he founded a Magazine called “Student” with great success. Then he diversified to mail order record business. He founded Virgin Records in London, England, and started, entrepreneurial projects, expanding his business into other sectors. “Virgin Group holds more than 200 companies,
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“I suppose that we have made maybe 5 or 20 multimillionaires through this structure. We like to reward our key performers for their creative contribution."

He understands that the idea to offer employees assets will increase their motivation, loyalty and desire to work for the company. At the same time, it will allow him to do what he likes most, “finding new ways to market and find free advertising to the group."

Another way Richard Branson has to reward his employees is through “adventure incentive jaunts." Once a year, he takes employees to spend time at his house in Oxford shire. During this time, they don’t talk about business. They get to engage with others, have fun, and it helps to raise the morale of the employees.
Richards Branson’s approach to share stocks as a way to motivate employees can work in organizations as a way to retain the best employees, gain loyalty and create a sense of ownership in which the employees are free to take decisions and to work for the best interest of their company.
Motivating employees sharing stocks in the company is nowadays use by big companies with hierarchical structures, in particular multinationals with complex organizations. One way to make employees participants on the company stocks is rewarding their high performance in achievement the goals. An example of this strategy is BHP Billiton and Shell, among others.

Richard Branson’s Communication

Branson considers that people are the

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