Rhetorical Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Julius Caesar ' Essay example

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Battle of the Speeches According to John Morley, “Three things matter in a speech - who says it, how he says it, and what he says, and of the three, the latter matters the least.” John understancds that how the speaker presents himself and his ideas can change the side of the crowd, more than any word they could have said. When Brutus and Antony give their funeral speeches in Julius Caesar it is a critical moment for each. Both need to sway the crowd to agree with their perspective. While Brutus addresses the crowd with logic and reason, Antony uses emotion. The use of rhetorical questions, parallel structure, and repetition by Brutus and Antony throughout their speeches changes the views of the crowd and what they should believe. While Brutus and Antony are both good speakers, Antony uses and understands the importance of rhetorical questions more so than Brutus and uses it to sway the crowd. Brutus uses a rhetorical question to justify Caesars killing. “Had you rather Caesar were living, and all die slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all freemen?”(III,ii, 20-22). The people know the obvious answer to this question is no because are selfish and think mostly of their own well-being. Brutus is the lover of the people and the people trust him enough to believe that had Brutus not killed Caesar, they would have become slaves. Antony uses rhetorical questions more, however, to turn Brutus’ points back on him. One of Brutus’ main points justifying the conspirators…

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