Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump 's ' Make America Great Again '

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The slogan that propelled Donald Trump into his influence across the nation, “make America great again,” shows that Trump sees America has fallen downhill and has hopes to improve it. Trump wants to see this country go back to the prosperous country it once was, but he does not know how to filter his words according to most, which makes him seem frightening. Despite Clinton’s accusation about the risk of Donald Trump, his clever use of scare tactics gives voters a sense of security because of his ideas concerning immigration and terrorism.
According to Molly Ball, author of “Donald Trump and the Politics of Fear,” Donald Trump uses fear to his advantage in hopes of winning the presidential election. Today, people in the US are frightened of the world inside and outside of this country. It is no longer safe for children to ride their bikes in their own neighborhood because of individuals who might harm them. When I was younger, I loved being outdoors, but now I am scared of what might happen if I am outside alone. This fear is what drives Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump delivers speeches about the threats in this country and then “offers himself as the only solution” (Ball). Americans are comforted by Trump’s words and want protection. Currently, Trump is down in the polls; however, fear could be his key to getting ahead. While Ball is wrong when she says fear is the only way Trump will win, she is right that it is an important factor of his success. Trump is able to say…

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