Essay on Rhetoric, Rhetoric And Attitude

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I found this passage very interesting because when I typically think of rhetoric, my mind automatically associates it with the goal of persuasion; I never made, or at the least acknowledged, the connection between rhetoric and attitude. I particularly like Burke’s use of the words move and bend in order to textually describe the change from viewing rhetoric as just a means of persuasion, to perceiving it as a means of shaping one’s inclination. After reading this passage, I have come to realize that music, poetry, and even art can be forms of rhetoric because of their primary tendency to influence attitude, with a lack of responsive action, in some cases. However, the passage also urges me to remember that a change in attitude can still be the precursor to a change in action. To understand and explain this concept, I began to think of how it presents itself within my life. When I am highly emotional, I often seek out certain songs in order to enhance or change my current attitude; after much reflection, I discovered that I primarily do not desire to listen to these songs in order to take action, but just to dwell on my emotions or to change my attitude in a certain situation. For example, whenever I am feeling sad, I tend to listen to the songs of Amy Winehouse, Adele, Sia, and/or Lana Del Rey. One example would be Sia’s song, I’m in Here. When I seek out this song, my goal is not for the song to change my actions or make me act in any certain way, but to simply make me…

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