Rhetorical Strategies In Jon Ronson's Interview

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I believe Jon Ronson effectively uses rhetorical strategies in his interview, however, there are flaws as well. In the podcast, “The Spokesperson”, a London reporter, Jon Ronson, uses rhetorical strategies to report a story told by Rachel North. North was a victim of a train bombing that happened in London in 2005. She decided to share what became a controversial story on her blog page about her experiences on the train that day. In his report, Ronson uses rhetorical strategies to sway listeners to believe North’s side of the story. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists presented ideas to prove Ronsons beliefs were false. To inform listeners of North’s story, Ronson uses logos, pathos, and ethos, the three different rhetorical strategies. Logos, is a rhetorical strategy used to make a point …show more content…
56 people were killed, including the four suicide bombers who were all from England, and one was a primary school teacher. 700 people were injured.” By using data to explain this event, Jon Ronson supports his argument with factual evidence that will further help persuade his audience in believing Rachel North’s story about what she saw, heard, and witnessed the day the bombs went off in London. While logos uses fact and data to make a point, pathos is a strategy used to get an emotional response from the audience in attempt to persuade the readers, or listeners in this case, to Ronson’s side. While interviewing Rachel North, who was now being accused of lying about the story she told, Ronson reads aloud some of the hateful comments left by the conspiracy theorists on Rachel’s blog page. “They're saying, ‘Bet it ain't even female.’ You wrote this at the bottom of all this stuff about you, which just seems really sad. You wrote, ‘I do not work for the government. I'm a normal person. I have a normal job in a normal office, and I'm getting sick of this. I'm requesting politely that you drop this and stop making accusations which are not

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