Review Of ' The ' Night ' Essay

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A small family consisting of 4 members are packing their bags, getting ready to leave for dinner with their relatives. The parents and their oldest son are going, but the younger one insists on staying back to finish his homework.
CHRIS walks from the kitchen to the corridor and comes to the guest room, he sits down and he is waiting for his parents and older brother to leave, so he can lock the main door.
Hey mum don’t forget to bring me some food on your way back home! MOTHER
Why don’t you just come with us them Chris? Trust me it’s gonna be so fun! Even your cousins will be there, you can hang around together! CHRIS
Mum please… Just bring me food on your way back don’t give me lectures again, we already went through this…
The mother is looking at CHRIS with disappointment as she leaves the house. CHRIS knows that his mother isn’t very happy with him, he’s not very proud of it. He gets up and walks towards the door and locks it. CHRIS I’m very sorry mum, I lied to you.
CHRIS walks back to his room after locking the door.
CHRIS is laying on his bed, fully clothed. His left food is hanging off the edge of the bed. He looks very tired, bored and relaxed at the same time. All of a sudden, he hears a KNOCK at the door. CHRIS
Who’s there? Please mum don’t tell me you’re back to convince me to come!
CHRIS walks out of his room and heads towards the main door to check who is knocking.…

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