Revenge Is A Waste Of Time Essay

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Francis Bacon’s essay About Revenge, relates to the Scarlet Letter in the sense that revenge is a waste of time. Revenge is a common motif in Francis Bacon’s essay and the Scarlet Letter. They both explain that nothing good happens from revenge. As Nathaniel Hawthorn portrayed in Scarlet Letter, Chillingworth died after Dimmesdale confessed all of his sins because he had nothing more to live for. He devoted his life to making Dimmesdale’s miserable after he found out he was Hester’s lover. Hawthorn and Bacon both try to convey messages throughout their writings: revenge is a consuming emotion, it brings out an evil side of people and those who seek revenge seem to lose control of themselves. Bacon believes that taking revenge makes you even worse than your enemy. Since a wrong in the past cannot be made right, it 's best to concentrate on present and future, rather than continuously reopening a wound. His theory is very similar and intertwines with Hawthorn’s in Scarlet Letter. Revenge does take up more time than one might think. People who take revenge dedicate themselves to it, as Bacon was implying in his essay. The Scarlet Letter demonstrates this theory, and proves how much of a coward Chillingworth was. “This unhappy man had made the very principle of his life to consist in the pursuit and systematic exercise of revenge; and when, by its completest triumph and consummation, that evil principle was left with no further material to support it,—when, in short, there…

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