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The self-assessment test that was required for our unit 2 assignment helped to identify your strengths and weakness of education. I think that this self-assessment is just to serve as a baseline to help identify main areas you as a person think you are lacking in, and could improve upon. After taking the self-assessment I have identified a few areas that I believe to be some of my strengths and weaknesses. I did see a reoccurring pattern of poor time management and planning skills, but did not learn anything new about my strengths or weaknesses as a person from this self-assessment. I feel that a more in-depth assessment that asked questions to identify knowledge of some of the subjects within the assessment would help a little more with identifying …show more content…
The importance of this skill is above all others in my opinion because as human beings communicating is how we are able to get our point across to one another. When writing, good communication skills are the key to keeping the reader interested in your work, and allows for the reader to grasp all of the information contained within your piece. I plan on improving my writing skills by taking all of the advice given to me by the course instructors at Bethel University, and putting it to use within my writing. Starting my writing within a word document will help me to catch some spelling and grammar errors, but not all errors. (Bethel University, 2014) I should focus on proper citing of materials used for writing papers, and look at the recommended APA cite for reference if I do not know how to cite a reference or source. (Bethel University, …show more content…
2014. Unit 2: Who Are You?. Retrieved from

The APA writing format was developed out of need for a uniformed writing style in 1929. APA style writing helped to manage written materials by setting requirements to follow so that the writing is clear and presentable (Bethel University, 2014, p.10). Bethel University requires their students to use APA style writing for the essential use of in-text citations and referencing format to cite used written materials.

APA style writing has both challenges and advantages to its use by me as a student at Bethel University. One of the challenges I have faced so far is not being familiar with this style of writing; as I have never used or heard of it until a started taking classes at Bethel University. Another challenge as a student using the APA writing style is being able to properly cite different reference materials; such as, websites, articles, videos, and journals. An advantage to using APA style writing is there are many creditable websites that will help you to generate in-text citations, or properly reference material if you have the books name and authors’ information. I have found Bethel Universities online library to be a great advantage when using APA style because all materials contained within the website already has the source properly referenced. Being able to give credit to the author that you borrowed the information from

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