The Importance Of Respect In The Workplace

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8) Organization
Growing up, I was the least organized person on the planet. In elementary school my desk was always a wreck, in middle and high school my lockers looked like they had a mini-tornado inside them, and my binders and notebooks were always in disarray. This was something I started improving on in high school, when I was left without parent and teacher assists to get through my classes. Having gone to a heavy college-prep high school, I had to get organized to be able to pass my classes.

As soon as I got through that initial phase of starting to be organized, the trait continued to grow, and I now am able to organize myself, and have the desire as a manager to organize others on a grander scale. This being said, my organization
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By literally speaking less, and working to hear others thoughts more thoroughly I can better communicate with them.
10) Respect
Respect is an obviously important quality to keep in mind in everyday life and interactions. I have always been the type of person to believe respect has to be earned, it is not a right.
Respect is something that helps maintain a professional workplace, and one that functions on the proper hierarchy standards we know and understand as a culture.
For me personally, respect comes hugely impactful in my opinion when it comes to leaders delegating out tasks to others in the organization. A leader who day in and day out assigns the same lower level person the ‘grunt work’ of the day does not appear to that person to respect their abilities. In the same breath, a leader who assigns a person no responsibilities daily shows no faith in their ability to complete tasks. Kouzes and Posner say that “by trusting others with responsibility, you are letting them know that you believe in them and that you have confidence that they can achieve it” (P. 253). I really believe that the best way respect can be shown
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My focus is directly related to my determination- if I am highly determined to do something, then the focus comes along with that, no question. However, if I am not as determined to accomplish a task, or
I care less about the outcome then I am far less likely to be able to focus on the task.
I have improved this skill throughout my time in college, in that even if I don’t have the determination to finish an assignment, or a class, I can still force myself to get it done. These tasks aren’t typically as well done as those that I do have a goal for, and this is the main thing I want to work on improving for the end of my 12 week plan.
Kouzes and Posner say that “Organizations with a strong corporate culture based on a foundation of shared values outperform other firms by a huge margin.” (P.58) This explains perfectly why I have better focus when it comes to jobs that I have a set determination or goal associated with. School has gotten easier as I have gotten closer to graduation, because the goal is in sight, and work has also been more of a focus, as I am approaching graduation and need a ‘real job’ soon. By continuing to work on buckling down and focusing on tasks that

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