Resolving Conflict Management Techniques And Resolution Skills

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Conflict is and always will be a normal issue and a natural occurrence. Conflict can arise from many different things, for example; culture, poor communication, being competitive with one another, having different ethics or morals or simply just having a different personality. It is when conflict in the workplace begins to be destructive that it becomes an issue. Conflicts can range from a simple disagreement to becoming an act of violence. At this point, managers must make a plan to implement conflict management techniques and resolution skills. Conflicts in the workplace could affect individuals psychologically, behaviorally and physiologically.
It is important to first understand where conflicts arise. Conflicts can arise from things such as culture, poor communication, competitiveness, and differences in ethics, morals or personalities. Differences in culture, ethics and morals generally fall into a similar category. A persons’ culture usually has a lot to do with how their personal ethics and morals are defined. Poor communication is a very big reason that conflicts occur. Communication issues can be as small as not letting others in your department know that you need to use a particular piece of shared equipment for a long time or as large as making an entire surgery be put on hold because the surgeon has a lack of communication in what tools he needed for the case. Another reason that can cause poor communication is people that are very competitive. If a workplace…

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