Research Report On Care Diamond Of Urban China Essay

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Preliminary findings
1. Care diamond in urban China
1.1 Family
The cultural norms of ‘filial piety’ is rooted in China. The majority of interviewed government officials and managers in care agencies suggest the role of family (spouse and children) is the first source for care services and financial support for older people. Some interviewers express their opinions that the supports from children to older parents should be made compulsory/regulated by laws. Example: ‘the role of family must be healthy or good. If the children do not show the filial piety to their parents when they are old, the family is an unhealthy unit. I think the government should make compulsory laws to maintain the health of families, so as to get the health of the whole organization (society).’ Example: ‘when a person is in need of care, the family is the main support source for him, and the first method he should try. Unless the duty is beyond the ability of his family, the state has responsibility to help this person…otherwise, the state is not able to afford the care for this huge older population in China.’
Meanwhile, the huge burden of care on younger generation is recognized, especially for direct service provision to older people. Interviewees show very positive attitudes on children should provide financial support to older people. Example: ‘most children are not living together with their parents, some are even in abroad. Most children have jobs. It is impossible for all children to provide…

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