Reporting Practice and Ethics Paper

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Professor David W. Catoe
May 28th 2012 In this paper you will find information from articles that address financial reporting practices and ethical standards in health care finance. The paper will also address financial management of health care organizations in detail. In this paper there are several summaries that address the four elements of financial management as well as summaries that address acceptable accounting principles and general financial ethical standards. The paper also gives detailed examples from the articles that reflect ethical standards of conduct and financial reporting.
Financial reporting practices In many cases management are not trained to detect fraud and will not feel the
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By trusting those with whom we interact and depending upon the commitments that others make, our work can be accomplished more effectively and efficiently “(p. 5). The four elements of financial management Planning is an element that is needed to point out all the steps that must be taken to accomplish and organize. The ability to Control will insure that each area of the organization is following the plans that have been put into place of the success of the organization. When organizing and directing the staff a decision had to be made on how to utilize the most important resources available. Finally make the best decisions among all the choices that were discovered in the planning stage make, and be prepared to so what’s necessary.
Generally acceptable accounting principles and general financial ethical standards These are guidelines rules, regulations and that are followed by accountants in the United States in order to make sure their practices are legal and ethical, in addition that all accounts should be updated in a timely manner, also all tax information should be provided within the time given time. Remain consistent truthful and accurate.
Ethical standards of conduct and financial reporting practices
Practice honesty and accuracy maintain the ability to protect and never abuse the financial systems; do your job in good faith according to

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