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Alexander the Great was one of the greatest ruler's and conquerors of all time. He conquered the mighty Persian Empire and most of the known world at that time.

Alexander was born in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia. He was the son of an excellent general and organizer, named Philip II King of Macedon. His mother was Olympias, princess of Epirus. She was brilliant and hot-tempered. Alexander inherited the best qualities of both his parents. But he was even more ambitious than his father. He wept bitterly when he heard of Philip's conquests and said, " My father will get ahead of me in everything, and will leave nothing great for me to do." Alexander's mother taught him that Achilles was his ancestor, and that his father
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After a siege of seven months in 332, Alex took control of the heavily fortified seaport, Tyre. Next Alex seized Gaza, and then went into Egypt. In Egypt he was greeted as a deliverer. By the previous victories Alex secured his hold of the eastern Mediterranean coast. At the mouth of the Nile River, Alex founded Alexandria in the later part of 332. Later Alexandria became the commercial, literary, and scientific center of the Greek world. Soon after Alexandria was founded Cyrene submitted to Alex extending his dominion to the Carthaginian territory. In the spring of 331 Alex went to the temple and oracle of Amon-Ra (the Egyptian god of sun), Alex wanted to be accepted as ruler of Egypt. It is said that the trip was successful and it helped his belief in his own divine origin.

Going north again Alex re-gathered his forces and headed for Babylon. The new army consisted of forty thousand infantry and seven thousand Calvary. After crossing the Tigris and Euphrates, Alex came across Darius III again. This is where the battle of Guagamela took place. There were an unknown number of soldiers in Darius' army, and once again Alex completely obliterated them on October 1, 331. Also again Darius fled and was later killed by two of his own guards. Because of the Guagamela battle Babylon surrendered to Alex. Later Alex took over the city of Susa and all of its plentiful treasure. In mid-winter Alex went to Persepolis and he

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