Teenagers Are At Risk Essay

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Being a teenager has its up and downs. However being a gay teen in this day and age comes with a certain set of risks. Studies show that homosexual teenagers are at risk of being cast out by family members, drug and alcohol addiction, and bullying, more so than a heterosexual teenager. David Bender, an editor of Teens at Risk quotes, "[Gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth] get kicked out of homes, abused, and disowned; parents refuse to speak to their child or force them to seek "reparative ' therapy. While coming out can indeed be liberating-and for some people is a necessity to maintain their sanity-for young people still emotionally and financially dependent on their parents, it can all too often be a dangerous thing." (45). According to the …show more content…
According to the CDC, "19% to 29% of gay and lesbian students and 18% to 28% of bisexual students experienced dating violence in the prior year." This could lead to the risk of suicide and further risks. Teenagers have always been at risk for bullying. Anyone who is considered different than society’s norm is a target for bullying. Gays in general have always been discriminated against. But it’s worse for teenagers who identify with being gay. The stress of high school and perhaps even situations at home create more of a risk for long-term effect for gay teens if they are bullied for their sexuality. “"Identifying as GLBT can bring challenges that make life very difficult. For example, some teenagers experience rejection from family or other loved ones regarding their sexual identity. A study of young adults (ages 21-25) found that those who said they experienced high levels of rejection from loved ones during adolescence were about six times more likely to have depression and more than eight times more likely to have attempted suicide," (Gay, Lesbian Teens at Higher Risk for Depression). Another study found that depression in gays rose if they were bullied in school or

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