Rene Levesque Political Career

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René Lévesque, politician, journalist, and author who served as Quebec Premier from 1975-1985. He was born in 24 August, 1922 in Campbellton, N.B., the eldest son of Dominique Lévesque, a prominent lawyer and of Diane Dionne-Pineault. After Levesque completed his primary education in New Carlisle, Lévesque pursued his classical education at the Jesuit College de Gaspé and the College of Saint-Charles-Garnier in Quebec City. He pursued a career in radio journalism and became a representative agent and war correspondent for the U.S. Armed forces in 1944-1945. Levesque also worked for French language section of the International Service of the Canadian Broadcast between 1946 and 1951. After serving as a correspondent in Korea 1951 and 1952, created Radio-Canada news service system and co-produced the program Crossroads. Levesque had two sons and a daughter from his first marriage and he died from heart attack in 1 Nov. 1987 and was buried in the Cemetery of Saint-Michel parish in Sillery, Quebec city The purpose of this biographical study is to examine Rene Levesque political career. It will discuss the formation of the Parti Quebecois, Levesque role in the Separatist Movement, the end the story of the referendum of the 1980’s and the historical significant of Rene Levesque. …show more content…
The strike soon become politicalized and prefigured the chaos of the 1960s. This event, in which Levesque was deeply engaged, marked as a decisive moment in Leveque’s political career . The strike clash continued for more than two month without any progress. Levesque was astonished by the apathetic of John Diefenbaker’s government and of his English speaking colleagues at the CBC, who refused the strike, considering it a revolt against Canada, according to Pierre Godin. After the strike disputed was settled, Rene Levesque left television to pursue a career in

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