Louis Riel: A Hero As A Hero

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Louis Riel was a martyr, amongst his people he led a resistance against the Canadian Government and it resulted in a death penalty, through his acts it is shown he did not do it just for himself but for his people. The traits of a martyr is one who puts themself in a dangerous position for the sake of the people who they lead, mostly against an oppressing casualty amongst a wide range of people. Louis Riel, was an ambitious leader that came from a respected family, Louis Riel had gone to Montreal for a classical education, he had found no vocation for the Church or the law and had drifted home qualified for no career but politics. A nation council of the Metis became the real authority in Red River.

Louis Riel’s ambitions were not quite bizarre
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The Manitoba Act created the fifth province in Canada, but it followed dissatisfaction from Louis Riel due to events after. Louis Riel, was without a doubt casted as the founder of Manitoba, with a passion for the Metis and the fear of being lynched, he fled to America as a destination for a better life. But he came back to Canada for the sake of the Metis, hoping to protect their rights in the Saskatchewan …show more content…
Sir John A. Macdonald, the first prime minister at the time had political wisdom but not multiculturalism, creating treaties and intentionally making indigenous people have the highest poverty rates and wanting misfortune upon indigenous peoples, as long with the residential schools with a goal to crush the race for good to make them “more European”.

It wasn’t only the indigenous people he was cruel to, but also the Chinese, his goal was to take away their votes. With a leader with such intentions, it is not surprising that Louis Riel wouldn’t stand for what Macdonald seeked in Canada, being Metis and apart of the indigenous culture himself, betrayal against the Canadian government is reasonable because of these reasons, the wishes that Macdonald wanted would depict a Indigenous persons worth and Louis Riel was truly impassioned in equality for his people specifically, he rebelled for the

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