Remember Who You Are Essay

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In "Remember Who You Are" by Cathy Guisewite, Guisewite discusses the fact that women do so much more then men. In Guisewite's first passage labeled " Give up the quest for perfection and shoot for five good minutes in a row", she discusses the fact that when women do in actual fact more work then men that they don't get the credit they deserve. Guisewite also talks about how she would pressure her self into losing weight, and at the end of her college education at the University of Michigan she gained weight. Then she went commented about how big she got and ridiculed her self by saying "…… my college education cost my parents a thousands dollars a pound."(71). In Guisewite's second passage labeled " Remember what you love", Guisewite …show more content…
Guisewite also mentions in this passage "….., it is hard to make changes because of the fear that if we change, something might be different." (74) which is very true. Most people are afraid of making changes, and sometimes change can be good or bad. In Guisewite's fourth passage " Let yourself regraduate every four years" she discusses about to never forget about the past, but to always move forward passed all obstacles that are thrown your way. So never forget where you come from, the people that have inspired you, and the obstacles you've overcome. In conclusion Cathy Guisewite didn't have a very pleasant life growing up. About how women do more than men, but yet men get more credit for what they do. How to deal with your parents even when they're pain, and just accept who they are. Changes in the world are sometimes all right and that bad for the community, so just try to accept the changes rather than to completely neglect them. Finally no matter what don't forget where you come from, because the people that inspire will always be in your

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