Remember the Titans Paper

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Remember The Titans Paper

The team went through a very challenging formation phase because there was a lot of resistance to integrate the school and football team. White players were concerned about loosing their starting positions and were upset that their Head Coach (Bill Yoast) was demoted to Assistant Coach, which almost caused them to quit the team. The black players were under a lot of pressure as well, being placed in a white school and knowing that they would be subject to a lot of hatred. Both the new Head Coach (Herman Boone) and Coach Yoast initially did not want to take on their new positions. An important part of the formation phase that helped the team come together was when Coach Boone integrated the buses that were
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Some black players were visibly upset and a white player across the room yelled, “traitor.” The tension decreases when Louie sings and explains that he is not racist, and then a black player welcomes him. This first act of trying to make peace lead the way for others to feel more comfortable in building relationships with players from other races. A second example of primary tension occurred when they were running plays on the field during football camp. During a very intense practice, where they were running drills into the evening with no water breaks, Gerry (white team captain) confronts a black player because he is not performing well. Gerry yells at the black player and causes a fight. Although this was a difficult situation, it was necessary to establish who the leader was and to bring to everyone’s attention that poor performance will be corrected no matter if you are black or white. Ronnie played an important maintenance role that helped the team establish and maintain a positive climate. Although Ronnie was white, he was an outsider, a new student from California who did not have issues with black people. He immediately accepted the black players and brought a sense of humor on the field and especially in the locker room. The tables at lunch quickly became integrated after his arrival. Ronnie also played an important role when the players started the school year. He made sure that everyone saw that he accepted the black students and helped

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