Analysis Of Remember The Titans

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Remember the titans’ focuses on a football team of the separated T.C William School Alexandria Virginia in 1971, the white and black schools are integrated and so are the two school’s football teams. The very successful white football team head coach Bill Yoast is replaced as the head coach for the new integrated team, by an equally successful black coach Herman Boone. This action angers Yoast who contemplates advancing his careers elsewhere. However, he is prevailed upon by the white players who vow to quit if he leaves and decides to stay as assistant coach, to the new black head coach Herman Boone. The film puts the audience in perspective of school segregation during the 1970’s and the conditions of the civil rights movement, the main character …show more content…
Although a fight had broken out between two players of different race it didn’t make coach Boone cancel the camp or rearrange the dorms to white or black instead he kept the dorms mixed and forced that all participants got to bond with each other so he held a 3-a-day practices until each player had met every one of his teammates. During the camp the film the audience can observe coach Boones attitude towards the players, he didn’t have any favourites and treated everyone as equally he was also not afraid to publicly embarrass anyone. His attitude was tough and a disciplinarian he didn’t care what people thought about him and certainly knew that a lot of people didn’t want him to be the coach but that didn’t stop him from staying motivated. A few team players start showing some leadership and start getting to really know each other for example we as the audience get to see different races eating at the same lunch table and see friendship forming which started to end racial barriers between the team. Not only did coach Boone help unify the Titans but he also made them win games they thought they couldn’t and really did make them become

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