Remember The Titans Is An Excellent Story About How People Can Unite And Together As One Bonded Team

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The movie Remember the Titans provides an excellent story about how people can unite and come together as one bonded team. Within our paper we will analyze how different leadership styles can work together and how leadership guidance can progress within the various stages of the team development. Certain leadership styles were used accordingly to facilitate effective performance results within the different stages of the team 's development. No leader was able to do everything themselves. Therefore, it was critical to distribute power throughout the team and to rely on decision making from those who were closest to the action (Giles, 2016). In spite of the issues that each Coach and player had with each other, they all found it within themselves to overcome their differences.The coaches and players worked together to effectively contribute to the common purpose and the performance goals of the team. They each led when the time was appropriately suited for their leadership guidance and they all came together when it was needed. They successfully were able to eliminate racism amongst the team while going undefeated and winning the football league. We will take on a journey through the eyes of the four main characters, Coach Boone, Coach Yoast, Gerry, and Julius, and analyze the leaderships concepts developed and practiced by each character.

Coach Boone: In 1971, T. C. Williams High School hired their first Black Football coach named Herman Boone. During this time, they…

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