Religion Being A Church Group Essay

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The main composition of this group is religion being a church group. We all go to Antioch community church and consider ourselves either Christians or Jesus Followers. This was an intentional result from careful recruiting at Sunday service or by ways of socialization or assimilation once a person starts to attend the Lifegroup or Section. I know when I first started to attend Lifegroup; I was not a devoted Christian. I believed in God and Jesus, but practiced no rituals or norms associated with a Christian. Before the semester ended, I had accepted Jesus into my heart and gotten baptized at Awaken, where the picture above was taken. They are very good at taking people in and making the new members ideals align with the group.
Since this Section falls in the college ministry, everyone in this group is in college, whether it is Baylor, MCC, or TSTC. This is strictly enforced, once someone graduates it is expected that they move on to the young adult Lifegroups. The only exception being if you are taking part in graduate school, you can stay in the college Lifegroups. I saw an example of this at the beginning of this year. A few people that I am a friend with graduated and were pushed into the young adult ministry. There is one guy in my Lifegroup that has not moved on, and he is being heavily sanctioned until he moves on.
There is a mix of male and female in this section, however a lot of the norms in place revolve around gender. People are continually trying to “guard…

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