Relationships Between Teachers And Student Essay

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Together, Anything Is Possible
Educational relationships between teachers and students, can be odd, frustrating, or good for both teachers and students. Teachers and students develop a better relationship when there is mutual effort in anything they plan to succeed in. When working together, like solving problems, and helping each other by having positive attitudes, the classroom is a very different environment rather than an educational zone with inspirational teachers and students who do not desire to learn. Teachers are those who influence and motivate students. By teachers helping students study, students are most likely to get a passing grade. When both teachers and students are willing to work together, more knowledge and success is
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Teachers are known to be a students role model and the example to do good in school. However, the outcome of the student, is depending on the type of teacher they have, but also, on the student who is willing to make an effort to succeed in school or fail. There are some teachers who do not have the motivation, within them and positivity to help out the students like Mike Rose, did in his early years. A student who was not successful due to the type of role model he had in front of him, but later on, turned out to be successful with the help of an inspirational teacher. When having someone who will not fight for your success, students are prone to not care and fail their classes, but when both teachers have the motivation to actually help their students, everything changes. Students are willing to ask for help, stay after class for tutoring, and students then feel like they have a purpose for their success in education, like Mike Rose who is an author, but was a Vocational Education student in his early years while in high school who was expected to not succeed in life because of the level he was in, he had unstable and non caring teachers. These horrible expectations is what led him to prove college prep wrong, with the help of a caring teacher he came across …show more content…
During my junior year, there were many issues with my chemistry class substitute, due to the maternity leave of my original teacher. Having this substitute, put me in danger of failing and repeating the semester. This substitute did not have any motivation to teach whatsoever, and did not bother to even stand up and help students. All he did was explain the worksheets we were going to get. I was afraid to go ask for help due to his tense personality and exasperated look on his face. Half of my semester was spent like this until I met a very unique, new teacher. She had the kindness of helping others, staying after class, giving extra credit, and the sweetest personality. I was happy in that class, and felt good seeking for her help and was not afraid to ask. I felt like putting my part and I did anything to pass my chemistry class at the end with her help. A student with a bad teacher, will not try to succeed, but a good teacher will always have a student who will want to try their best and follow their steps. Though it is rare sometimes when a student seeks to have and pursue their education by themselves without the help of anyone or anyone pushing them to do so, like Sherman

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