Relationships Between Parents And Children In Amy Tan's Two Kinds

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Relationships between parent and child is very important in the family. However, every family has various situations around parents and their kids. In the “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, she showed that mother can do anything to have better for her child. Character mother has a strong expectation that she wants her daughter to be successful, but her daughter does not want to do that. Additionally, Amy Tan also described that the effects of mother’s high expectations for her life. The story demonstrated that parent’s expectation clearly influences the adolescent’s expectation. Parents are very important to contribution child’s characteristics. The ages be more effective by parental expectation is adolescence. Parental expectations effect adolescent’s education and their behaviors.
In order to know why adolescence is easily affected by parents, we have to understand the meaning of this word. Adolescence is a transitional stage of development and growth from childhood into adulthood. Adolescence is the teenage years that defined a person between ages 10 and 19. The
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Expectation is the realistic goals. Therefore, expectation of parent has positive effects on adolescent such as help student more motivation, and boost student academic self-efficacy, foster parental involvement in schooling. In contrast, parental expectation also has negative impact on youth people like involved in pressure, anxiety, and substance of adolescent. In addition, diverse ethnic and radical, and gender contributed to expectation of parent on their child. Parent’s expectation also is one of the most important factors influencing adolescent’s achievement and behavior. Therefore, parents should be considering that how they make their child will be good and success. Parents should give more support and encouragement to adolescent that will have a positive

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