Essay on Relationship Between The Two Nations And Great Britain

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The relationship between the two nations, United States and Great Britain, grew far apart during the Civil War. British North America (BNA) was also involved in this war but as a colony for Great Britain, it did not have much decision in the war. As BNA was a colony, it followed the actions of Great Britain. The relationship between the two nations heavily influenced a change in the British colony north of the 49th parallel. Conflicting relations between the Unites States and GB during the Civil War were led by Great Britain’s declaration of Neutrality its contribution to the Confederacy lead to BNA confederation
The steps that Great Britain had taken towards the war reflected acknowledgement of the Confederacy even though announced they did not. The trade Great Britain did with the Confederacy influenced the building of Commerce Raiders. An example was, “the Alabama, a Confederate warship that was built in a British shipyard and that preyed with deadly success on Union merchant vessels.” (T&R 37) The Union made blockades block the Confederacy, but it issued problems with neutrality on the high seas. When Captain Wilkes heard that two Confederate were making their way to Great Britain aboard the ship Trent, he stopped it and captured the two Confederates, James Mason and John Slidell.
The Trent affair began and once it slipped into the ears of the British, hell broke loose. At this time, “Britain prepared immediately for war with the United States.” (T&R 37)…

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