Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships Essay

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Loving relationships exist throughout nature and have various implications or meanings. Loving relationships with other people are found universally and from the beginning of time, when God first created Adam and Eve. If you search for the definition of love, you will find a somewhat varied definition that incorporates a deep affection of someone that stems from family, friendship or other personal relationships. Love is said to be unselfish, dependable and a generous concern for the well-being of another person. A relationship is said to be a connection between two or more persons; it can be platonic, romantic or sexual. Psychology Today defines a relationship as “patterns of relating to, talking to, behaving toward, and dealing with one another.”
Love often times develops over time and defies logic and rational thinking. Love is something that you may not be looking for, or even wishing for, but it often finds you when you least expect it. Each loving relationship that we have looks, develops and functions differently from one person to another; you may have love for many people in your life and throughout your lifetime, but each one will be different. Vincent Van Gogh summarized this nicely with the statement “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”
Loving relationships with other people give us a sense of purpose and is rewarding throughout our lifetime; loving relationships with other people are essential for a good life. In loving…

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