Relationship Between Men And Women During The Pacific Lutheran University

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We investigated the influence in the amount people of each gender in a group eating and between genders who was dominating the conversation. In the present study, all subjects were in a group setting in the Pacific Lutheran University “University Center”. We monitored their behavior through specific characteristics that indicated they were leading the conversation including the amount of talking, contact, gestures, and interruptions they executed.

Dominance in Conversation During Meals Between Men and Women
Conversation is a commonality that occurs during a meal. But who tends to dominate a group conversation between males and females? The progression among intersectionality especially gender is at its peak. In the fall of 2016, the Psychology Statistics 232 class of PLU executed a natural observation study on campus to determine who is leading conversations during meal times. We gauged who was leading discussion based on specifics cues such as their talking, the amount of gestures, contact, and interruptions.
A study was conducted by Don H. Zimmerman and Candace West with the intent to track how frequently men and women interrupt during conversation (interruption being one of our measured variables that signify dominance). The results were taken from a sample of 31 dialogues, 10 between two men, 10 between two women, and 11 between a man and a women. The results found that men were held responsible for 47 out of 48 of the interruptions that occurred in a…

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