Relationship Between Friendship And Friendship Essay

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Without friends no one would choose to live (Aristotle). Although there are a few controversy views on friendship across many generations friendships develop in our early stages of life. Our most prominent friends are while we are smaller such as close family members or even more relatable, our siblings. To further define friendship is the conduct of friends and a union between individuals. Friendships serves as therapeutic value (Kaiser 2012). They are there to be supportive and give guidance. Friends are therapeutic in many aspects such as having someone to confide in, get advice and meditate the worries out of your life. Friendships are also based on different things such as pleasure, goodness or unity. Friends are important for different aspects at different ages, it is most liberating when one know those aspects early in life. There are also various functions to each friendship and it promotes individualization as well when you grow older. There are also consequences of having few friends at different ages. The mutual companionship promotes healthy relations in your life which is inevitable. Conceptually, Friends should allow you to grow as a person and help figure our own identity.
There are many theories on friendships and how they develop, for example the law of attraction in which individuals will lead to a friendship because they share a common interest or attitude. Law of attraction is a theory that increases friendship and initiates the developing process of…

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