Regulating Violent Video Games Essay

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Regulating Violent Video Games
I. A. Whose place is it to deal with the problem? 1. Parent should censor their children. 2. Why parents should censor children. 3. The possible result if our children are not censored. II. A. Should the Government regulate violent video games? 1. What would happen if the government regulates video games? 2. Why I am against the government’s involvement in regulating video games. 3. Regulating ourselves.


Regulating Violent Video Games An African proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child." But in this society the child barely has a mother or father to truly depend on. When I was I child I was fortunate to have a family so
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Imagine a child that watches porn all day long and no one could possibly think that one day he will be a sexual deviant. Of course when asked why he turned out this way, he will say it was the porn. But what of the parents that let him watch said porn. Shouldn’t the parents be the ones to be held responsible? I guess once its reached that point that would be crying over spilt milk. So start now, while they are young and pliable. Teach that violence is not laughable in real life or a game. Our county was based and founded on the freedoms that have allowed our country to be great. The freedom to exist, to pursue happiness if we so choose. We have freedom of speech, expression and even non-expression taking our liberties one day at a time. So could playing video games and watching violent movies be a form of expression. And if it is considered a form of expression, I believe that the government should not have a part in the regulating of such things. Except to provide information of the dangers it could cause. Like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol; don’t restrict me by taking my choice away but help me to better understand the consequences of my choices. If the government did more than just put ratings on video games, like banning them like banning “2 Live Crew”; it would cause an outrage from the country. People who don’t even play video games would wake up and find the error in such banning. This

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