The Definition Of Love

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During this week 's lesson we were learning about love. What is love? Is love a choice? Is love based on emotions? Can you love the same sex without being considered gay? So many questions come to mind when love is the main discussion. During class Prof. Jewett gave good points on the word love and how times have changed with individuals and the topic of love. I 'm still trying to understand the multiple concepts of love. The meaning of love can be different depending upon the relationship between two or more people. The way parents love their children maybe different between two friends. Some one can say I love you or I have love for you. Also love can be interrupted in different ways. Everyone has their own way of understanding love and what …show more content…
I believe parental love is completely different from any other form of love. The role of the parent is to provide shelter, food, clothes, etc. The child is loved unconditionally, meaning no what the child does to upset, or disappoint the parent; the parent still loves them, still trying to guide their child through life. Parents put all their time, energy, and money into their children. The parents may not be able to provide all the luxuries a child may want, but they provide them everything they need. By providing children with a stable life and discipline that’s all the love in the world. Parents want the best for their children and they will do anything for them. Even a struggling family or single parent will do all they can to make sure they children come first. Parents especially mothers form this bond with their children that’s unbreakable. This bond that is formed between parents and their children is indestructible that even as the child becomes older and grown on their own, the parents still try to help them as much as they can. From babysitting grandchildren, letting them move back home, to giving money if needed. The love of a parent toward their child is incomparable to love between a husband and wife, and love between …show more content…
Love between a husband and wife is difficult to grasp at first, but it all starts with you knowing yourself. What can you contribute to the marriage? A person should not base things off of what you think your partner wants you to be. In our assigned text for this semester A Daring Promise: A Spirituality of Christian Marriage, the author discuss a few topics of love between spouses. The first topic is mutuality, meaning in a relationship both partners express gratitude and show appreciation of the gifts of their partner. Gifts in a marriage could be a number of things. The wife could be gifted with handling the finances and the husband could be skillful in communication. Possessing different qualities that contribute to the marriage should be acknowledged and not tracked for the things done for the other and expecting it to be done in return. Intimacy is the next topic, which going beyond emotional closeness and being vulnerable with one another. Aside from copulation conversing the most intense subjects on fears, failures, and dreams with your spouse is an additional formation of intimacy. Lastly, companionship means one you share bread with; stating partners in a marriage nourish each other. The author gave a great example, during the reception of the wedding there is a tradition of the newly weds cutting the cake together. This symbolizes the unity and the amity between a husband and

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