Reflective Paper on Group Therapy.

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Group therapy for me was a very new concept. My understanding towards group therapy was that every one share their concern issues and goup members discuss about that issue and get different perspectives about how to deal with that issue by building cohession and trust among the members. According to zander (1968) a group is a collection of individuals who have relation to one another that make them interdependent to some significant degree. , Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists working with several people at the same time.Generally, the counselling group has a speific focus, which may be educational, vocational, social or
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Group can provide members with diverse views, responses, and feedback.also in group therapy setting, you likely will not be able to discuss certain problems as deeply as you would in individual therapy.
From my experience I personally feel among all the theoretical approaches I found psychoanalytic approach works best in group counselling. The reason for this is emotions started pouring in, everyone’s past started getting connected and it was a major healing process. For me personally, when I shared about my dreams I got to know the conection between my past life where childhood played a vital role, a lot of the past life affects my behaviour today. Most of them are also not aware that it is because of some incidents in the past that many of them behave the way they are behaving today. Through group therapy and through the use of psychoanalytic theory, many of them realised that they have been drastically affected because of their past. For example one of the members realised that it was because of a terrible experience that she had with some men in the past that left her traumatized, because of which now she finds it very difficult to deal with men.
I feel that early learning is not irreversible, but to change its effects one must be aware of how certain early experiences have effected to one’s present personality structure. Through psychoanalytic therapy, the client can realise and identify what is the cause of his or her behaviour today and then

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