Patient Observation Report Examples

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I. To begin my observation, I chose to observe Erika. I arrived after she already cleaned her unit, but I was there to see her prep her unit. She got out her instrument cassettes from the sterilizing room and her tray. Then she went to go get her patient. She was very friendly with him and asked about how his day was going so far. Erika had everything ready to go to start her patient process which looked very professional. I was also impressed with how smoothly she transitioned from asking small talk questions to questions that actually pertained to his health. That way it made it seem like they were still just having an everyday, easy going conversation and not an interrogation. II. During the assessment portion of the process, I was surprised how many questions were asked that didn’t pertain directly to the teeth or mouth. She asked if …show more content…
Promptly after the dentist’s approval, Erika started the cleaning of the teeth. She used the ultrasonic instrument which she said was one of her favorites to use. She expressed to me though that she wasn’t really allowed to touch the teeth with crowns on them and that she had to take extra care around a bridge that he had. During the cleaning, she was constantly asking if the patient was comfortable where he was at and told him what she was going to do before she did it. Also, another professional moment happened when the patient playfully bit Erika. She just laughed it off but remembered to document later that he was a “jokester”. The cleaning portion helped then to deem what is necessary for the care plan. His plaque score was actually lowered from the last appointment, so his goal is to maintain that score for the next appointment. After the care plan was made and presented to the patient, Ms. Edmondson came over to check and make sure things are all good to go for checkout. She still instructed Erika on aspects of documenting that she could improve on, but the whole process was mainly done on her own without

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