Reflective Experience In Class

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Initially the student that is now a delight to work with was not so delightful. At registration, she pushed by limits, but once in the classroom, she immediately grew on me. I have her in a very small class and she is nearly always the first or second to bring forth insightful thoughts to discussion. She even asks me to cover different topics in the future that interest her. It is refreshing to have the student in class who is so interested and engaged. It makes the class easy and breeze by. By having her in class, she often helps stimulate discussion with the other students.
Our interactions have grown over the course of the school year. The rapport we have developed is great and she comes to me as a mentor as well as a teacher. She is very
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This year started out with ups and down, she would occasionally become completely noncompliant and nonverbal in classes. I was brought in to try to remedy the situation or remove her from the classroom environment that was causing the behavior. The principal and I made a conscious effort to try to form a relationship with the student. We both made efforts to talk to her several times a day and engage her. Our current efforts seem to be paying off and little to no struggles have been noted by teachers or staff. Socially, Amy does not engage with many of her peers. She spends most of her day with one other special education student, but appears to be very content to engage socially with her favorite science teacher, principal, and myself. Day to day, Amy tries to sneak up on my in the hallway or stops in my office to …show more content…
Lauren is one of the youngest students in my class. She had to get principal approval to get in since it is normally reserved for juniors and seniors based on the upper division material covered. Even though it is a small class, she is very quiet and shy in the classroom. When I individual ask her for input, she quickly comes back with the almost automatic “I don’t know”. This response is given to even the simplest questions. If I don’t actively seek her out in class, she tends to get overlooked because I have others that are quick to the draw in answering questions or engaging in classroom discussion. I try to call on her multiple times a class to engage her, otherwise she is both not paying attention and doodling or she is completely spacing

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