Self Reflective Essay In College

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Self-Reflective Essay Countless people have shared with me the wisdom that college is one of the utmost important steps I can take in order to achieve my dreams. While it is definitely not the easiest step, I understand that it is a necessity in joining my dream career path. When I was informed that within my high school, I would have an opportunity to take a college level class, I immediately knew I would register for this class. I knew the curriculum of a college level class would be much more arduous than a typical high school English class, but I understood that with hard work I would be able to be successful within the class. While within this semester I have experienced plenty of highs and lows in this class, I definitely have no regrets about joining English 101. Throughout the semester I have learned how to enhance my writing process, as well as understand my strengths and weaknesses within my essays.
I have always had a general writing process, but being in a college level class has truly shown me the importance of having a thorough process to assist in perfecting my writing. Before this class I had the tendency to procrastinate on assignments until the day they were do. I would then have to improvise when I actually was to write the essays, which
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Even though I still have my flaws within my essays, there are far fewer than there was before this class. I feel further prepared for every challenging course that may come way next year in college. I know that even if for any reason I had not earned college credit for this class, I would still enlist in this class again in a heartbeat. What I have learned has been invaluable to my writing skills. Next semester I am sure I will receive just as much assistance and witness just as much improvement in my writing as I have this

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