The End To Darkness Research Paper

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Light. The end to darkness. A sight of hope and happiness. The vision of the great “I Am.” The end of the tunnel. The Holy Sacrifice. The Almighty Ruler. The exit from pain. The remedy for suffering. Light. The Bible talks about this concept at great length. Almost every time it refers to Jesus. The King of kings and Lord of lords, coming down to save us from darkness. He came to save us from sin. Sin that is with us from the moment we are born, to the time we take our last breath. But as a Christian I know that the dark shadow that sin casts out on this earth has been overcome by the light of Jesus Christ. I was fifteen, and totally unprepared to hear what my mom had to tell me on the night of October 30, 2012. Driving home …show more content…
It is every missionaries dream to see a person they care about come to accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I knew Bálint for about a week, but did not know where he stood in his faith. I soon learned that he did not have a faith. It became my goal of the camp to share the gospel with him. Not necessarily see him come to Christ. I do not have the power to do that, only God does. I merely wanted to plant a seed. Get him thinking, and see where the Lord takes him. We talked on Wednesday of the second week during the small group time. I shared my testimony with him and asked if he had any questions about my story, or about anything he had learned about so far in camp. He asked simple questions like “What does it mean to be a Christian” “ Will I have to go to church every Sunday?” But then he started asking harder questions and asking about Heaven and Hell, and how we know that Jesus is real. And then he stopped talking. Awkward …show more content…
During John’s funeral they showed a video that he had made right before he passed away. At the end of the video he says “I pray that you touch somebodies life today, for Him.” For Him. I think about that everyday. How can I be the answer to John’s prayer? How can I touch someone’s life each and every day. It is not easy, and if I was challenged to do that three years ago, I would have ran. Because of what I have gone through. Because of the lessons I have learned, and the relationships I have made, I am not afraid to live the Gospel. And that is what the Bible tells us to do. “Go therefore, making disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). I have learned how to grieve and celebrate. I have learned to love, and to reject hatred. I have learned that as a Christian, I am called to go beyond my own comfort zone. Into the world of the unknown and unwanted and touch lives for the one who touched mine, and that is Jesus

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