Reflection: A Career As A Counselor

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We are shaped by our environment and experiences. I have been fortunate to have grown up in Long Beach where diversity is its middle name. My parents came here from Mexico and created a home in the U.S. They worked hard and tried to give us the best they could to their abilities. They wanted us to get good grades in school and eventually go to college. My mom was somewhat involved in my school and I know that she wanted to be more involved but because she worked so much she was not able to always be there. Their education level was up to 6th grade if that and the language barrier were the reasons why they could not help us with our school work. I never felt deprived as I was growing up, things were the way
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One of those resources is providing them with housing. I can take from all of my experiences and apply it to my job as a counselor. We do not know what our students might be facing outside of school. As a counselor we need to be flexible, understanding, kind, and be prepared to deal with the unknown. Working as a substitute teacher for Los Angeles has given me a perspective from a teacher but it has also taught me a lot about myself and how I can relate to these students. Growing up I did not have support at home and it wasn’t because my parents did not want to give it to me but because they did not know how to offer it. As a school community we should reach out to everyone and make sure we are doing our best to reach those parents who may not be involved because there could be several factors why they aren’t doing so. Also realizing that there could be several different reasons why a child is acting out and we should get to the bottom of why it is happening and offering them the support they need at school to help them. Being engaged and showing genuine interest in the child can help with encouraging these students to be

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