Reflective Essay on Peg Feeding

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This essay discusses a clinical skill in which I have become competent during my placement in care home. I will use a reflective model to discuss how I achieved the necessary level of competence. Reflection can make a sense of the familiar and taken for granted situations and is an important human activity, in which people capture their experience, think about it and evaluate it (Driscoll, 1994). Here I have used the Gibbs model of reflection which includes description, feeling, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan of a learning experience (Gibbs 1988). The clinical skill I have learned is PEG feeding.
Percutanious endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding introduced into clinical practice in
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The positive aspects of the learning outcome were: * Learning a new skill * Gaining confidence in myself * Eagerness to learn more new skills
The negative aspects of the learning outcome were: * Feeling of stress and tension * Fear of making mistakes

This experience helped me so much in gaining a new skill and encouraged me to learn more skills. Even though I did not know about the procedure initially, observation and training helped me to identify the safe practice and made me confident that I could perform well. The continuous support from my mentor and the positive evaluations from my colleagues gave me confidence to develop my skills and knowledge.
In conclusion, learning about PEG feeding and developing skills for safe administration of PEG feed made me confident as a student nurse to look forward to practice safely as a registered nurse in the future. I realise the importance of updating clinical skills and knowledge. Using a reflective model has helped me to realise that my learning is something which I must be pro-active in.

Action plan
In future, I will not be hesitant to ask for help in learning a skill that I am not familiar with. I will update my clinical skills and knowledge by attending more training sessions which will help me to deliver safe and effective care to the clients in my care.
* CollierJ(2007) Enteral feeding: An overview

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