Reflective essay on confidentiality

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The subject I intend to reflect upon is confidentiality within a professional healthcare setting. Confidentiality formed a part of our professional issues lectures and it piqued my interest due to how differently it is interpreted within healthcare as opposed to education, which is my background. In an educational setting I was taught repeatedly that I could never ensure confidentiality between myself and a child. Comparing that to what I have now learnt in healthcare, this seemed to me almost the opposite way of working as I was used to and so I wish to reflect upon this.
I intend to look at why confidentiality is so important within healthcare and how it relates to the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) Code. I will look at the
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From this I would understand that when an article states doctor-patient relations it would include all healthcare professionals’ not just doctors. I agree with Cornock in that a patient gives information to healthcare professionals in the hope that it can be used to assist in treatment (2009). If this confidentiality is breached, the patient may not feel comfortable to reveal all information for fear of it becoming more generally known. I personally believe that this can lead to less effective healthcare treatment and even a fear of receiving any treatment at all in cases of injury or disease that may be more of a societal taboo.
The NMC Code (2008) states that healthcare professionals must “respect the patient’s right to confidentiality” and to discuss with the patient when any of their personal information will be passed to another member of the team; this is a much more formal and professional approach to dealing with information than I have experienced in the past and the onus is on me to ensure that I make the healthcare user fully aware of the ways in which their information will be utilised.
This involves an aspect of communication in gaining a user’s trust and giving them the environment in which they feel they can be listened to and that their opinion will be valued. By doing this I am building a trust and confidence relationship with the patient.
Once I have gained the trust of the patient and now have this

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