Confidentiality In Health And Social Care Essay

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A care value base is “A set of values which care practitioners (GPs, nurses, doctors) must follow to provide a good service of health care. It’s therefor in place to try to avoid discrimination, mistreatment and misunderstandings (Classroom notes 2013). There are five care values which I will explain below.
Confidentiality is maintaining information regarding patient’s health and wellbeing. Medical practitioners should be aware that when they share information about the patient they should think whether it is beneficial to the patient and whether the colleague needs to know that information. GP 's should have a confidentiality policy because it is protecting patient’s personal information. The surgery I have researched (surgery X) has a high confidentiality policy because they make sure there are no files which are accessible to any unauthorised people. Only professional and patients can access the information. They keep their records in files in a cabinet locked out of sight within the reception area. This is ensuring no other patient or member of staff can access private files and it is to protect information. Computers within
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This can be done through questionnaire in the reception or if patient 's have complaints they have a complaints ' procedure box. This makes the patients feel more positive because they have been respected and they have been accepted because of their decisions and choices. The patients have not been forced into treatment they do not want, which will make the doctor feel positive and create a positive care environment because all the individual rights have been kept. Such as the right to be respected, the GP’s have respected the patients’ choice and are pleased as they have done their jobs efficiently (Classroom Notes

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