Personal Narrative: My Essay In My Class

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I came into this class kind of dreading to take it, for I’m not a fan of writing essays. I’m glad I took this class, though, for a couple of reasons: one it was online, it was in the middle of the summer, and then the course was stretched over an 8-week course. I came in here just trying to get my credit for my major, but I’ve taken into liking of some of the authors we’ve covered and check out some of their works after this course. I would say or like to think, that I’ve become better and writing my essay, also become easier to write. I used to think that a 500-word essay was a challenge, but now I can knock those out in an hour. Furthermore, I can say that I’ve learned how to properly use MLA format, in essays and PowerPoints.

The things
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For instance, I worked robotics camps during the day, with this class being online and spread out over 8 weeks I never felt overwhelmed or rushed to complete something. I would simply read the material the first two days of the week, then do the discussion on Wednesday and replies Thursday and Friday. The thing that I liked the least would being having to analysis the material and talk about it with our classmates. I soon got over this. Reasons being, there were other students having the same thoughts as I was about the material, after analyzing a couple stories I got better at it and finally it started to become fun to find out what the author hid away in the texts for us to …show more content…
This was nice, particularly with reading a lot of short stories, I think gave me a broader range of material. Considering this, I believe I learned more things about different styles of literature, than taking this course during a normal semester. The thing that I didn’t expect from taking this course was enjoying the readings and finding out that other people have the same thoughts as I do. The reason I didn’t think there would be other people thinking the same way I do is that I was never good at English. I always found a short cut in high school, which totally didn’t help me. I was also shy with saying my thoughts on something, being I knew there was someone else that had a better thought than me. But with this course being forced to say my ideas, finding out other similar thoughts and unexpectedly seeing other people liking my ideas about the material was a very great boost of esteem for me. I find it easier to put down my thoughts, which is a great thing for

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