How To Write A Personal Reflective Essay In College

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When your teachers in high school tell you how important writing is going to be in college, they are not lying to you. They are also not trying to scare you. Listen to what your teachers in high school say because I wish I would have. This was my first semester of college, so I didn’t really know much of what to expect. It was all new to me. I expected to have to write a lot of essays in this class, but for some reason, I never expected to write essays in my other classes as well such as sociology, history, and even anatomy. However, the crucial skills I learned in this class helped me perfect my writing capabilities and has made me much stronger as a writer. Before the past four months, I’ve always struggled a lot with making a solid thesis. It has always seemed difficult to me to write one sentence to sum up an entire paper, but from this class, I was able to perfect my skills. I think I am a strong thesis writer now, which will help me immensely throughout the rest of my college career. I think the best thesis I have written would have to be the thesis I wrote in Essay #3. I tried working very hard with that one, because as I said in the very first essay we compiled, I struggle a lot with research papers. I also tend to …show more content…
Though all the steps that are required to create an essay seem to be very tedious, in the long run it does help me out immensely. Planning who the target audience was and planning out ideas for our essay only opened my mind to new ideas to work with and made things much easier for me. It helped out to write the first draft and actually have time to edit it and compile a final draft. In many instances I have seen this semester, teachers just require the first draft, so pushing for us to write a rough draft and then compose a final copy to perfect our skills helped me out a lot. I think this semester has definitely made me stronger as a

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