Summary: Positive Climate

Focus of dimension: Positive Climate reflects the emotional connection between the teacher and students and among students and the warmth, respect, and enjoyment communicated by verbal and nonverbal interactions.

Summary of strengths:

Relationships: There were many indication the children teachers enjoy a warm, supportive, relationship with one another. For example, teachers were observed sharing excitement and enthusiasm with the children. This was apparent during large group time. The children were excited and enthusiastic during large group time. Teachers were sharing the children’s excitement as they laughed and smiled with them. Most of the time, teachers were within close proximity of the children. For instance, during large group time teachers were sitting with the children either on the floor or in a chair. Teachers generally shared in the children’s activities. For example, teachers were observed playing a game with several children,
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Summary of strengths:

Negative affect: Teachers frequently were respectful, kind, and used a warm tone when speaking with the children. For the most part, the teachers were not observed being irritable, harsh, or using angry voices with the children. Peer aggression during the observation.

Punitive control: The teachers were not observed yelling, using threats, or engaging in physical control of the children.

Sarcasm/disrespect: Teachers were generally respectful in their interactions with the children. Little to no teasing, humiliation, or sarcastic voices by the teachers were observed.

Severe negativity: Teachers were respectful, gentle, and thoughtful with their interactions with the children. There was no victimization, bullying, or physical punishment observed during this

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