Looking Glass Self Theory

Reflected appraisal is a term that shows how a person’s perception of how others see that person. People start to think of themselves in the way they think other people think of them. Perceptions is part of this process. Perception is the interpreting and organizing the information you recipe through your senses. With self perception thats the view people have of themselves. Social comparison relates to reflected appraisal by the way people determine their own social and personal worth based on how they stack up against others. Charles Horton Cooley in 1902, created the looking glass self theory. This theory is a social psychological concept that states self growth out of society’s interpersonal interactions and perceptions of others. This theory comes into place when people are determining their self worth and self sabotaging themselves. Many people deal with self sabotaging, negative thinking of ourselves destroy us. Negative thoughts create negative behavior and low self esteem. It’s because we make this assumption that people perceive us in a negative say so we intend that we are low and start to become less positive about ourselves. Our self image is shaped and formed by society. It could start for instance with a friend who thinks of you as the most caring person in the world. You 're going to think and project that you are the most caring …show more content…
Frank, Ph.D. and Susan Gustafson mentioned that exercise and staying active is a way of preventing illness or the minimizing of self sabotage. From their study it shows that people agree, individuals with high self esteem are more likely to involve themselves in activity/ exercising. Not only will exercising keep you healthy, but also busy that your mentality won’t be so focused on what is going wrong but what you have to do to get better. Exercising could bring someone motivation and increase their active ability by developing a stronger self

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