Personal Narrative: Differences Between Elementary And Middle School

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Every since I was a little boy I always been big. Since the day I came out of my mama’s womb. But as I grew older I started to realize that I was different from others, because I would notice that everybody else is smaller than me, and that I was the biggest in my class. And when I went home every day, I realized as I got older that I was depressed. I was 9 years old, I’ll never forget it, It was me, and my mom at the mall going to get me some school clothes for the new school year. I’m in the 3rd grade now, and I feel like I’m grown. We’re in Belk and it was this really nice red Ralph Lauren shirt, and I wanted it so bad, I showed it to my mother and she said, “Oh that is a nice shirt, but that’s not your size, let’s go over here to where …show more content…
I’m dressing really good, going in and out of my classes meeting all of these new people. But what’s different from Elementary and Middle School is that in elementary, I was a car-rider, and now in Middle School a bus-rider in a neighborhood full of hood children. And just because I stayed in the hood, does not mean I’m hood because trust me, I’m not. So I’m at the bus stop, waiting on the bus, it’s so hot that the sweat is dripping off of my brow. Eventually after a couple of minutes the bus decides to come, and I got on. After about 5 minutes on the way to school this boy named Daquan said, “Aye nigga, what the fuck your fat ass lookin’ at ?”. And when he said that I was took off guard because nobody ever said anything like that to me so I didn’t know what to do. I was already conscious about my weight because of previous incidents, so at this point I was starting to get fed up. Every day of 6th grade I would get picked on about my weight, and I was tired of living. I would wake up every day and ask my parents could they take me to school, and they wouldn’t never take me. So I purposely missed the bus so I wouldn’t have to ride it. The confidence I first had was gone and some. I was in an all-time high depression. I didn’t want to wake up in the morning, I wanted to kill myself because I felt like life wasn’t worth living anymore. I would wake up every morning

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