Personal Narrative: Growing Up As A Member Of The Church

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Growing up as an inactive member of the Church I never had any real exposure to reading the scripture. My first real experience reading the scriptures in depth and studying them was in seminary, which to be honest was not the best way for me to learn about them. Trying to understand and take away from them at six in the morning did not really give me much of a background or knowledge of the Bible. So, when I enrolled in this class I felt as if I would have a difficult time. However, as the semester has progressed I found myself being engrossed in my daily readings and developing a stronger testimony in Jesus Christ each and every day. Whether it was learning about the background of each author, who they wrote their gospel for, the difference …show more content…
This parable tells the story of a father and his two sons and how the younger was blessed even when being careless, while the older was a diligent servant but received no praise. I had experienced the same situation during my own childhood. Growing up I was always a hardworking student who brought home perfect grades, never really receiving any form of praise or encouragement from my parents, because anything less would not have been acceptable. Though, as I have watched my brother grow up I have noticed that he has been able to get away with grades that my parents would have scolded me for. It made me angry that my parents gave me such a hard time about my grades but my brother can get by with being average. So, when I read the parable of the Prodigal Son, I sympathized for the older son. Why did the hardworking son receive no recognition for his accomplishments, whereas his reckless younger brother did? How is that fair? However, as I look back I realize that I had no reason to be resentful, because my hard work paid off, in the end, giving me opportunities that I would have never been able to receive. Sometimes it is hard to watch others be rewarded or blessed when they seem to be less deserving than our self. Our worth can not be diminished by others. Heavenly Father loves us all equally. Elder Jeffery R Holland tell …show more content…
The gospel of John does not contain much of the fundamental information from the other records, evidently proving that his gospel was written for the members of the Church who already possess a basic knowledge of Christ. Thus, by writing to those with knowledge of the Savior, John did not need to include much of the content from the synoptic gospels content- such as the mount of transfiguration and Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. Instead, John spends more time writing about the Savior in intimate conversations and at private events, like Jesus turning water into wine in Cana. The primary purpose of the gospel of John is to emphasize the divine nature of Jesus Christ as the Only Begotten Son of God in the flesh. The Book of John is thought to be written around 90-110 AD, which seems confusing because John would have been dead at that time. However, we believe that John did not die, but has been allowed to remain on the earth to minister until the second coming.
In my opinion, the story of the woman being taken into adultery is one that has a very powerful message and strengthens my love for the Savior continually. Jesus was aware of the woman’s sins and that the law could convict her, but rather than turning his cheek towards her, He showed her forgiveness, causing her to be converted (John 8:1-11). Elder Oaks explains

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