Reflection Paper

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Reflection paper
Friday Ndukwe
PSY 202
Step Two: writing Assignment
TA: Shonettes Stanislaus
May 29, 2012
* Outline
What have I learned?
A. Three brothers, one older (year and a half), another two younger stepbrothers, one of them with attention deficit disorder (ADD)
B. Father was a racist, strict disciplinarian
C. Stepmother came from an orphanage, had polio in her left hand, was an alcoholic (nasty when drunk)
The First Big Move
A. Working for LOWE’s * B. Buying a car
What did you do after you left school?
A. Working B. Going to college
C. Dealing with my friends illness
Do you have your own family now?
A. Current marriage
What are your personal, professional, and academic goals?
A. Sharing my experience as a
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All these insights can be described as building effective relationships with people and developing self-understanding on different levels.
* To understand my family life, and why I feel that their negative attitudes to me shaped me to be a better person, I first have to give you some background on my family and me. The background of my family clarifies how important for me was to be independent from this alienating environment. My mother died when I was only a year old and my father raised my older brother Kevin and me by himself until he met my stepmother. My father remarried and had my two stepbrothers William and Robert. My father was a strict disciplinarian, racist, drank a lot, and worked as a machinist at a refinery plant. My stepmother was a homemaker as my father did not approve of her working and felt that she needed to be at home taking care of the children. My stepmother came from an orphanage, had polio in her left hand. She was also an alcoholic, meaning that she was nasty when drunk; in addition, she was a chain smoker. Kevin was the oldest son one and a half years older than me (and my father’s favorite one), I was the middle child, William was five years younger than me and was diagnosed at an early age as having severe attention deficit disorder (ADD); Robert was the youngest.
Witt and Mossler (2010) quote the longitudinal research study

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