Patch Adams Movie Analysis

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In the movie “Patch Adams” starring Robin Williams as Hunter “Patch” Adams, was such an eye opening movie to see such as “A Death of One's Own”. Patch Adams was an amazing movie and I am glad to have seen it due to its different viewpoints and uniqueness of the situation Patch Adams is in. It was also interesting because the movie is based on a true story and its hard to believe that with how crazy Patch Adams life seems. I definitely am going to rewatch this movie and show other people with it being so good.

Throughout my life I have had various situations and problems especially right now getting ready to go to college and all. I would say right now getting ready to go to college has been stressful because I have had to do everything myself since I am
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Humor is a way I can connect with people because everyone has a sense of humor no matter how stubborn that person could be. Patch Adams was a really relatable person because I understood every joke he told and the way he interacted with people. I know that I am a very extrovert person that likes to talk to every person no matter race or gender, you can not communicate with people if you do not try. In these time of ages everything relies on technology to talk and at times it is annoying to see people with eachother but on their phones not talking at all. In my life I use the gift of humor to make someone's day more positive. As cliche as that sounds one joke can make a person's day the worst to the best by making them not focus on their struggles. It also promotes to listening to that person and making sure they have an open ear. Just like Patch Adams I know that I can use my sense of humor and kindness to get to know patients one on one and be on the same level of comfortableness. Especially with myself thinking about going into pediatrics, it is easier to connect with children with by jokes and being

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