Bernie Film Analysis

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Bernie is a movie about a small Texas town funeral director, named Bernie, whom had nothing but enthusiastic and encouraging words for the families he worked with and the small Texas town’s people he lived near. He was so giving from his heart and truly loved his job and to help others.
Bernie’s kindness was not usually taken for weakness nor for granted, but when a widow becomes one of Bernie’s customers, his life seemed to go downhill. The widow, named Marge, is also known to the town’s people as a brutish and bitter old broad. She is irate and threatening anytime that she is around. When Bernie is befriended by Marge she overwhelms Bernie, as well as takes up most of Bernie’s time. She becomes possessive and intolerable to the point Bernie shoots her four times in the back then in shame, places her body in a deep freezer for nine months while he suffers with the guilt
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Price transparency can also help these “regular folk” understand the world of funerals easier. Recently there has been a shift in funeral homes to make an effort to step away from this gloomy pessimism that surrounds the business. Some funeral homes have taken away the idea of an “office setup” and made family rooms with round tables so families feel as if they are making the decisions and that they are in charge, instead of the funeral director, since it is the family’s money NOT the funeral directors. Funeral prices being posted online is also up and coming so that families have a better understanding of prices and packages and not being forced to use one specific place without being aware of all the other options they had available to them. People individually should take the initiative to know what their options. Some people don’t allow themselves to learn options and later direct their anger at the funeral homes or funeral director because of the money that they

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